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Internal Grants

LACS Graduate Spring 2022 Language and Research Grants 


The Program in Latin America and Caribbean Studies invites LACS Graduate Students in any year to apply for funding for either language study or research support for the Spring of 2022. Students should apply via this application link, Grants of up to $1,000 will be awarded from a limited pool of funds. Language and research support of any kind that is within Weinberg College reimbursement rules will be considered, including but not limited to language classes or tutoring, research materials, research assistantship (in foreign archives, for example), and research-methods workshops. For question about rules concerning approvable expenses, email Linda Remaker at DGS approval will be required to process payment. You can access the DGS approval form here.


Grants are awarded from a limited fund. LACS, therefore, does not expect to be able to support the entirety of every applicant’s budget, but will aim to support the maximum number of applicants. Please note that we will have another call for applications for summer grants in April with a deadline for submissions in late May.


Deadline to apply is March 20th  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ana Arjona

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